10 effective mentoring techniques that drive growth

  1. Communication
  • Communication is the supreme aspect that people must take care of to establish a perfect relationship to boost the growth of the business.
  • When the communication between the mentor and mentee is hampered, it cannot lead to a good ending.
  • Try to be open and frank to your mentee and let them express themselves fully to make the conversation smooth and flowy with your partner.
  1. Look for Mutual Advantages in Relationship
  • Mentoring is a two-way path; hence, you must look for relationships that can benefit both participants.
  • It can increase the overall success rate of the mentoring platforms. You can create a mutually satisfying relationship with your mentee.
  • For instance, many topics are unraveled and need discussion. You can look for the participants with whom you can discuss and learn about many things, as learning is a never-ending process.
  • You can create various skills if planned smartly based on your preferences and interests.
  • It also helps in creating a team spirit among you and your partner. It can increase the engagement level and success rates of the organizations.
  1. Collaboration
  • Collaboration is an effective tool that every mentoring platform must possess.
  • We must collaborate to form a successful business for any relationship to work. There must be an affirmative relationship between the mentor and mentee.
  • The mentors must understand the mentee’s strengths, weaknesses, worries, achievements, potential, etc.
  • Thus, you must work on creating the best relationship with your mentee for growth.
  1. Personality and Behaviors
  • Personality, behavior, and mannerism are essential aspects to be understood by the individual to establish a valuable relationship and enhance the company’s overall achievement.
  • You must possess the desired behavior and look for a mentee who obeys and respects the relationship you two share.
  • When your behavior is aligned, you can provide original comments, feedback, improvements to be made, and your complete performance.
  • If your partner does not share a healthy behavior, you cannot offer actual remarks and expressions.
  • When your personality matches each other, it allows everything to be in sync.
  1. Admiration & Encouragement
  • Mentoring relationships are complicated; you, as a mentor, need to understand your mentee’s needs and objectives.
  • From time to time, praise them for maintaining the relationship and motivating the mentee.
  • Once they lose interest, the mentoring programs will not work, leading to goal disappointment.
  • Positive remarks can help mentees double their effort and make better approaches to the problem encountered.
  • An affirmation can encourage mentees to value their work and feel more confident about themselves.
  1. Encourage Ownership and Accountability
  • You can always encourage your mentees to be accountable for every decision, choice, and alternative they make in their professional life.
  • You are a mentor, but you should not be spoon-feeding your seekers. Help, guide, and assist them but let them be accountable and handle their decisions.
  • The mentees must express themselves and identify the answers to their questions. It will lead to the growth of the mentee on a professional level.
  • Teach them to take ownership of their performance and never blame others for their position in the business.
  1. Make a Strong Network
  • It would aid if you had a network pool when working in a mentoring platform.
  • When strong connections are made, you can quickly get help and guidance whenever stuck in any professional situation.
  • To attract the participants, people must be aware of it. It can only be achieved through the connections you have. Thus, it would help to establish your business with a particular name and fame.
  • It will give you an outlook of the whole program and what you must do to set up your business and reach people.
  • You can always choose different platforms, such as LinkedIn, to get a pool of people.
  • Learn from experts and seniors from your field and avoid the mistakes every newbie would make. Interview them and choose the best for your organization.
  1. Flexible and Consistency
  • Mentoring is a comprehensive business that does not approve of the one-size-fit theory.
  • You must be consistent in your work for effective relationships. You should not be rigid regarding relationships, allow them to prosper, and be flexible, so the commitment is not lost in the process.
  • Respect the time zones and approach each other at a suitable time. You should schedule your next meeting by not sticking to a one-time frame.
  • There must be space for improvisation and modifications to make the relationship last longer.
  1. Be a Good Listener
  • The major duty of the mentor is to provide correct guidance and light to the mentee seeking help.
  • You must be an active listener to understand and address your mentee’s problem.
  • Try to focus on what the mentee is narrating rather than submitting your answers without letting the mentee complete them.
  • It can be a considerable hindrance while creating relationships on mentoring platforms.
  • Let the individuals express themselves, wait for them and finally guide them.
  1. Guide Mentees to Grow their network
  • It is not only the mentor’s duty to connect with a broad network. Mentees should also look up to accumulating a wide range of people.
  • As a mentor, you can help your mentees to establish communications with people seeking help and guidance on various professional levels.
  • Educate and inspire them to look for individuals in need of help.

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