5 Things That Make International Schools Stand Out


Understanding the key factors to make the best international school is crucial when selecting one in Hong Kong. Choosing the right international school enrollment your children in will open up exceptional opportunities for personal growth and outstanding academic achievements. And good education will help pave the way for students’ future success.

Proven Academic Success

Consider the academic track record of a school. Students should have a proven success of consistently achieving academic results that surpass the average standards. The academic success of a school is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an international school for your child.

Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

When selecting an international school, it is important to consider the expertise and commitment of the teachers. Students need to study hard for their future. And this is not just limited to academic knowledge. Teachers guide them in developing other skills. That is why educators play a crucial role in a childs’ development inside and outside the classroom. That is why choosing an international school with competent and passionate educators is important.

Support Multilingualism

Most international schools in Hong Kong have a diverse linguistic environment. This way, students can learn additional languages in addition to the primary ones that are used in classes. International schools allow students to learn multiple languages. These schools hire language teachers and offer classes specific to learning these languages.

Age-Appropriate School Facilities

International schools ensure that they have age-appropriate facilities to offer. For example, there are playgrounds for small kids where they can safely play and socialize with other children. And for older students, some activities could pique their interest and develop their hidden talents in sports, music, arts, etc.

Positive Feedback From Alumni

A good international school is supported by its former students who find their experience exceptional in all aspects. And that is only possible if they have positive personal, academic, and professional experiences. Take the time to read reviews and feedback from previous students on the school’s official website.

International School in Hong Kong: Enrollment Process Overview

Before enrolling a child in an international school in Hong Kong, it is very important for parents or guardians to be familiar with the process. Here’s what to expect when you want to start the enrollment process.


The registration process can be done in person or online. At Stamford American School Hong Kong, parents and guardians can register a child online. Since there are limited slots, it is best to register ahead of time.

Placement Test.

This may be required especially for new students. The results of tests are used to help find the right class for the student.

Option for Future Years Admissions

Hong Kong students can be enrolled for future years’ admissions. This is an advantage for parents who want their kids to receive early application priority compared to later applicants. The applicants’ data will be kept on file. This makes the enrolment process easier and more convenient in the next school years.

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