A Comprehensive Understanding of Amazon Advertising Certification Program


Do you wish to improve your efficiency in particular topics? Do not fret, as Amazon advertising offers certification programs enabling marketing professionals and advertisers to authenticate their efficiency in specific topics. Individuals passing successfully on the Amazon advertising certification assessment would gain an Amazon advertising digital certification badge for that specific topic.

Amazon would cater to you with an option to choose certifications by level or topic to meet your specific professional and business goals. You could also prepare for the certification assessments by completing training programs at a pace suitable to your specific needs.

Benefits associated with Amazon advertising certification

It would be worth mentioning here that a customer of Amazon Advertising might be able to make the most of the certification offered by Amazon advertising without any hassles.

Find below a few essential benefits of Amazon advertising certification.

  • Authenticating your knowledge

You could display your specific level of experience and knowledge by passing the certification assessment and earning a digital badge.

  • Highlighting your efficiency

Consider sharing your badges with clients and colleagues in your social network and email signature.

  • Staying updated with new courses

You could stay updated with the latest courses, new certifications, and webinars through the monthly newsletter offered by Amazon advertising certification.

You would be required to enroll and pass a certification assessment successfully to gain your certification. Rest assured to browse the certification topics to find a suitable certification under the Get Certified icon on the home page.

Certification assessment

You need a score of 80% or above to pass a certification assessment. It caters to you with approximately 120 minutes for completing the assessment. You would receive a comprehensive breakdown of how competently you performed if you failed to clear a certification assessment successfully. It enables you with a chance to retake the assessment after 24 hours. It would cater to you with an opportunity to review the optional course material in the results offering assessments and learning path. You could revisit the topic of your choice. It would be worth mentioning here that after beginning with the assessment, the timer could not be paused. You could avoid automatic failure by submitting your Amazon exam answers before the stipulated time.

Expiration of certification

It would be imperative to gather adequate knowledge about the expiration of digital certification. Rest assured the certification badges would lapse one year from the date of offering the award. After the expiration of the badge, you would be required to retake and pass the certification assessment for renewal of your certification badge.

Available in different languages

It would be in your best interest to remember the availability of Amazon advertising certifications in different languages. Therefore, you could choose the Amazon advertising certification program in the language of your choice. The presently available languages of choice would include Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, English, and Arabic.

To sum it up

These aspects of the Amazon advertising certification program would enable you to learn comprehensively about the program before choosing the topic of your choice. You could make the most of the benefits offered by the certification program and improve your advertising skills.


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