About Cambridge and Its International Curriculum that is Offered-



There are several benefits of switching to Cambridge education. The first and foremost benefit of Cambridge education is the international curriculum. With Cambridge, you will find challenging and inspiring students worldwide. One of the things that you will know about the international curriculum of Cambridge is that it sets a global standard for education. Another great thing that you will know about them is that their curriculum is challenging, flexible, and inspiring. Besides that, they are culturally sensitive yet have an international level of approach. One of the most common things that you will know about the students of Cambridge is that they create within themselves an informed curiosity and a passion for learning.

Join the Summer Schools-

There are also Cambridge summer schools where you can enrol your children. Through the Cambridge education, the children develop and gain the important skills which they require for success at university and also in their future careers. You can search online for more about the implementation of the curriculum with Cambridge. There are more than 10,000 schools in more than 150 countries that follow the international curriculum of Cambridge. Furthermore, you will be aware that the curriculum is at an international level in philosophy and approach, but that it can be adapted to local contexts. Another thing that you will notice about the students of Cambridge is that they study purely for an international qualification that is recognised and accepted all around the globe.

Knowledge & Skills –

One of the best things that schools can do is to combine the international curriculum of Cambridge with the national curriculum. Besides that, students getting transferred between the schools of Cambridge can continue their studies with the curriculum that has not been changed or is similar. Apart from all of that, Cambridge pathway students get an opportunity to get the knowledge and skills that they require to achieve at universities and schools and beyond that. There are a total of 4 stages in Cambridge – one is primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, and advanced – which are developed on the learner’s advancement from the previous one. But it can be offered in a different way separately.

Spiral Approach-

Several syllabuses are there, and every syllabus will adopt an approach that is spiral, building on the previous learning to help the student be successful. One of the best parts that you will know about their curriculum is that it reflects the latest thinking in every subject area, which is drawn from international research that is expert and with the help of the schools. There are also programme fees annually for primary, secondary, and advanced programs. You can check online for full, detailed information on the fees and connect with them on the link provided above.

High Thinking Order, Know-How and Knowledge-Base

The programmes of Cambridge have a combination of emphasis on subject mastering, which is too in-depth, along with the skills for development in study and work for the future. Cambridge people value the subject knowledge, which is deep, as well as the understanding in conceptual ways, which assists the students to create links between the subject and its different aspects. Besides all of that, they also help the students with high-level thinking skills and solving problems, including critical thinking and independent research, presenting arguments and collaboration. These are some of the kinds of skills that will be there for a lifetime and will train the students for future life. In Cambridge, the learning methods are rewarding and enjoyable.

International Viewpoints Cambridge-

They also have programmes like Global Perspectives, which is a transformational and unique programme that assists the students in every stage of their educational development; transferable skills, which are outstanding; collaboration; research; and critical thinking. This programme is especially for students aged 5 to 19 years old, from primary to advanced levels. One of the unique features of Cambridge’s programme is the online learning, which is free to the schools which offer the subjects.

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