Advantages of Rain Water Harvesting


On the planet, where we reside in, water covers 70% within the total area and it also includes inland seas, ponds, ponds, rivers together with water found underneath the surface(ground water).

The development of population and industrialization features to boost getting used water in a number of towns all over the world since it is helpful for farming, fulfilling essential needs for creatures and people and irrigation facilities.

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In recent occasions, since distribution water is considered the most monopoly of countless country departments, individuals have to rely on the federal government leading to insufficient public contribution regarding charge of water and total disregard of old systems of conservation ponds. General market trends has stated the conventional public appears to give the view that ponds are abundant, but doesn’t appear to understand details and figures of quality water that can be used for domestic use.

Example, neither seawater, nor water found in marshes, salty ponds or swamps may be used domestic use. Water with minimal technique you should use are available in rivers, ponds, ponds, wells and from ground water table.

So lots of countries will face water crisis later on that’s time the departments concerned reform their systems ponds management. Recent scientific instruments and systems need to be used using the conditions and appropriate procedures with enhancements in law must be recommended and implemented as quickly as you can for water conservation. For virtually any new measure regarding Government, active people participation must be encouraged which makes it a effective venture.

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Rain water harvesting by way of natural plant existence

Cultivation of freshwater fauna and plants prevents rain water from run-off and enables it to percolate deep towards the earth. Water leads to an aquifer or causes rise in groundwater levels.


Rain water harvesting method was utilized because the past (3rd century BC) in Pakistan, Iran and India. The procedure practiced was the conversion of land areas into ponds, tanks, wells as storage areas for rain water. Everybody needed responsibility for maintaining ponds for use for domestic and irrigation purposes.

Advantages of rain water harvesting

Some advantages of rain water harvesting are:

  • by getting an alternate source in situation of drought,
  • reduce erosion of soil,
  • public participation
  • Protection against ton in low lounging areas

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