Bringing the Office to You: The Case for Working From Home


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the pandemic has caused more than one-third of businesses in a variety of sectors to increase telework for part or all of their workers. According to the BLS, almost 60% of firms that increased their telework choices want to maintain them forever.

If you’ve just joined the ranks of virtual employees, your dreams of working from home may have been shattered by reality. Working from home may seem like a perfect scenario if you’ve envisioned rolling out of bed and being at your home office in seconds, without the inconveniences of first getting ready and then driving to a workplace with a supervisor and coworkers who may drive you insane.

Jobs, You Can Do From Home


Remote, part-time, flexible schedule and freelance transcription employment are all accessible from home. A transcriptionist’s typical responsibilities include transcribing audio or textual information, checking reports, and fixing mistakes. Most transcribing assignments will demand a typing speed of 75 WPM or more.

Marketing Expert

Marketing roles include marketing coordinator, SEO expert, and content strategist, among others. Marketing entails promoting a product or service via branding and promotion.

Daycare Provider

Running a daycare business through a company like Celebree, who has been helping daycares get up and running for nearly 3 decades, out of your home might be an excellent alternative for parents with little children who do not want to leave their house but also do not want to deal with the headache of childcare arrangements. Licensing yourself and obtaining the necessary certificates, as well as converting your house into a daycare, might be a terrific choice for you and an opportunity to help your children socialize.

Popular Opinion

Many employers also support and promote remote employment. Employees may select where they feel most productive, and organizations can recruit the finest personnel for the task regardless of location.

Productivity All Around

Workers are not just more productive, but their employers are as well: 72% of organizations with remote work rules claim their employees are more productive. Another 22% believe remote workers are just as productive, while only 3% believe their employees are less productive at home.

A remote-work policy is offered by slightly more than half (55%) of the firms we examined. Remote work is most widespread in medium businesses (201 to 500 people), with two-thirds (67%) having remote work rules. Smaller businesses (five to twenty workers) are the least likely to provide remote work possibilities (42%).

Advantages of Working From Home

  • Pro: More freedom to attend appointments and do errands.
  • Pro: Fewer interruptions from meetings and small talk.
  • Pro: The advantage is that there is no commuting time or price.
  • Pro: More time spent with family.
  • Pro: You can often complete your job when you’re at your most productive.
  • Pro: You can get more done.
  • Pro: you may save money on your work clothing.
  • Pro: The ability to live anywhere you desire.

The Drawbacks of Working From Home

  • Con: There is no physical divide between work and play.
  • Con: It’s easy to misinterpret indications in internet communications.
  • Con: Getting a change of scenery requires some effort.
  • Con: Less face-to-face interaction with coworkers.
  • Con: You are not present for in-office benefits.
  • Con: You must be more self-motivated.
  • Con: Some managers may be prejudiced towards folks who are not present in the workplace.

Numerous workers, who claim greater work-life balance as one of the numerous advantages of remote work rules, as well as companies, who benefit from lower operating expenses, support remote work policies. However, other firms believe that employees perform and communicate better when they are in the office, and employees who work entirely remotely tend to feel alienated.

Everyone will have their own unique reasons for preferring to work from home. Whether for health reasons, the need to fit work around care duties, or just to lower stress levels, many individuals claim that even avoiding travel gives them more time and energy to accomplish the things they like.


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