Charitable Efforts in Africa Committed for Education by “Empowers Africa”


Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are at the top of their game when it comes to high-quality education. The problem of education in developing countries, like those in Africa, is that children are often not learning enough even when they are in school, which presents a major challenge. Education in developing countries should be improved by making education more accessible and improving the quality of the educational system itself.

Empowers Africa, a 501(c)(3) public charity in the U.S. is acutely aware of the dire need for an improved educational system in Africa. The foundation has made significant investments in education by providing scholarships to students, enhancing school infrastructure, providing school meals, and providing teachers with compensation.

Empowers Africa’s headquarter is located in New York City, but the organization’s work is focused on Africa’s people, land, and animals. Since its inception in 2013, they have given to more than 60 organizations in 15 countries. They also serve as a fiscal sponsor for 25 African organizations, providing them with cost-effective fundraising solutions in the United States thereby freeing these organizations up to concentrate on their work in Africa.

Empowers Africa also produces educational documentaries covering a wide range of topics, including small business development, female empowerment, wildlife protection, and rhino anti-poaching. They have received numerous accolades as a result. The NorCal Film Fest, the Independent Short Film Awards, the London Independent Film Awards, the Crown Wood International Film Festival, and the Honor Global Film contest have all recognized their work.

An increasing number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are leading Africa’s efforts to combat lack of education, poverty and its repercussions. More than 150,000 NGOs are registered in South Africa, and the number of NGOs in Kenya grew by more than 500 percent between 1997 and 2008. Many observers see them as well-planned actors who impact Africa in a positive way supporting vital causes, such as, wildlife protection, human empowerment, and land conservation. Non-profit organizations in Africa are fortunate enough to be supported by organizations like Empowers Africa.

Empowers Africa exists to help lift people out of poverty and to safeguard the continent’s natural resources. Through education, small business development, environmental conservation, wildlife protection, health care delivery, fiscal sponsorship, and the production of educational short films, Empowers Africa has made a positive impact on the African continent.

To improve Africa’s educational systems, education ministries should increase funding for student scholarships, improve accessibility and availability of educational facilities in rural areas, implement comprehensive feeding programs at schools, provide government-funded transportation to and from remote schools, and supplement teacher salaries. Computer-based learning could also improve education and the educational experience for both teachers and students.

Organizations like Empowers Africa are encouraging African students to enroll and improving the educational experience as a whole. Their primary goal is to keep children in school and help them learn more while they are there. They believe countries would benefit greatly with the right investment strategy and that much of the development work could be made easier with small investments in education.

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