Going for your doctorate or PhD Program? Start saving web references earlier using LinkiBag®


We live in a world of electronic data where we no longer wait in lines to check out books from our local library. Most colleges and universities have online libraries that grants students access to academic journals with scholarly articles, eBooks, encyclopedias, newspaper archives, and more. How and when to start saving resources you will need for your dissertation or your final research?

Majority of PhD and Doctoral students think of their topic for dissertation when they are near the end of their degree. How about all those web resources shared by their professors since day one of their program? Now you don’t have to worry about searching your electronic records on flash and web drives, laptops and desktop devices, Mozilla ® Firefox ® bookmarks and Microsoft ® Edge ® favorites.

Starting your PhD or Doctoral program? Get your Free LinkiBag account and start saving your weblinks today.

Those are some few special features included with your Free LinkiBag account:

  1. Links can be saved with notes and grouped in folder
  2. You have your own search engine to find any of your saved links (both URL and descriptions are searchable)
  3. Links are scanned for Malware
  4. Users can connect and share links with others

Get your LinkiBag® account today at

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