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Why are you interested in working for this company? We have all been asked this during an interview to determine our potential level of dedication to the company. Growth Institute decided to take stock of everything they thought made it an excellent workplace in 2022 after receiving the Best Workplaces award in Mexico. It is a prominent American provider of the best executive education for C-level executives living in rapidly expanding firms. It was founded in 2011 by Daniel Marcos, Juan Gonzalez, and Verne Harnish.

They have been mixing video lectures with weekly live teaching, guided implementation, and other hybrid learning techniques for years. They also offer more than 140 programs and 10 Master’s Business Courses covering six critical topics: leadership, mindset, performance, strategy, finance, and sales in two languages, Spanish and English. 

They debuted the Master of Business Dynamics program in 2015 as their flagship offering, and the requirement for accreditation is to pass six Master Businesses Courses. Later on, during POSiBLE LA in 2020, one of the most significant small-business-focused events for strengthening the Latino community in the United States, Growth Institute was one of the content partners.

The Growth Institute recently received a certificate for encouraging policies and practices that match the criteria and enhance the quality of life inside an organization, making it the best workplace. By 2020, the company will also have helped over 50,000 executives from 10,000 businesses in 68 different countries. Here are a few cues they have provided as a company run by renowned experts on when you should expand your business. 

Here’s a sneak peek at their methods for helping you create a workspace that people will gush about, 

A compassionate working spaces

A caring culture is the trifecta of engagement. Employees in high-trust cultures who feel like they belong to a compassionate workplace are also 44 percent more likely to work for a business growing its revenue faster than the industry average. Why is there such a strong correlation? 

  • Employers are shown respect by their leaders.
  • Your staff takes care of your clients and one another
  • The achievement of their shared vision is essential to the entire business.

Encouraging precise definition of success

What does success in a particular role entail? What are the glaring signs of a successful business? What abilities will boost your success? A great workplace will offer a precise definition for each. Quarterly or annual employee, departmental, and corporate goals contain these success criteria. Employees believe their priorities match expectations when there are timely reviews and frequent syncs. 

A strong leadership

A great workplace must have strong leadership, but it works best when it is evident. Leaders should serve as a compass and set their followers up for success. Your leadership group should adopt a consistent viewpoint that is made known to staff members and easily accessible. Establish open door rules, routinely sync as a team, and choose an honest and consistent shared vision.


Technological improvements have quickly overcome the historical barriers to a flexible work environment. You can find flexibility on any list of “excellent places to work”; just scroll through it. The ability to accept flexible work schedules and the decision to work remotely is essential because the hands of the clock no longer control employees’ lives.

Promote healthy communication 

Permit employees to choose their path inside your business. Encourage them to speak up if there are gaps or when their interests can spark innovation within your company. Let the innate talents and capabilities of your workers determine their career choices.

The Growth Institute believes the business sector can help bring about the global change we seek. According to Daniel Marcos, the founder of Growth Institute, a company can feel more significant than merely producing money by creating a shared experience that its employees and customers would be delighted to support. It is crucial to promote staff engagement, productivity, and well-being. However, there is no instruction book on how to lead through change! 


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