How can educators better communicate with their pupils?

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One of the most challenging and fundamental parts of the job for a teacher is to start a dialogue or create it between the students and the teacher. Efficacious communication can help to create and foster a learning environment that is safe and where pupils can prosper, thrive, and also learn. The importance of creating good communication at a very young age is important for the child’s development and also for the future learning of the child. Besides that, in every aspect of life, one of the essential and fully transferable skills that students learn are communication skills. Further, it has been proved that a teacher-pupil relationship should be supportive to have a positive impact on class participation, students’ achievement, and engagement.

Improve Communication-

Communication is a process or a method through which people exchange ideas and thoughts with one another. The advantages of fostering or encouraging such a relationship allow the students to share and express their thoughts and ideas freely and develop an environment that is open in which questions can be asked without having any kind of fear of being humiliated or judged. Such schools are there, like independent schools in Bristol, where the students freely communicate with the teacher without any fear.

One of the main reasons students lack motivation, perform poorly, and drop out of school is bad communication. As per many studies, the success of a teacher-pupil relationship is directly linked to the effectiveness of communication by the teachers. Nurturing this kind of engaging and interactive teaching environment demands effective and regular communication. Some of the best ways in which you can efficaciously communicate with the pupils are as follows: 

Generate an Environment That is Safe- 

It is a very important thing, i.e., to create a safe environment where the students feel very comfortable and fearless to open up and express their views, thoughts, and ideas and discuss them. Also, the atmosphere should be such that the students can come and ask for help, as it is very important for the academic success of each and every student. In all the stages of the process of teaching, the teachers should maintain this type of non-judgemental atmosphere or environment. If possible, the teachers should have a method or a way of encouraging the students to talk about anything, whether they read it or learn it from some education magazines, any topic they can come and freely discuss with the teachers. This will promote enhanced communication. Plus, the teachers should give extra tuition or teach after class to help the shy students talk better.

Team Work is Important- 

One of the best ways of competing with others is to do team work and also group work. Working together brings out the best results, as it can encourage or improve communication, collaborate and cooperate, and help the students talk and express themselves more effectively with their friends and teachers. Across all the different aspects of life, teamwork and collaboration skills can be transferred and will be important in future working lives. You can also think of some games and quizzes in your teamwork plan or lesson teaching plan. You can also divide the students into groups and ask them to perform the activities together and give them a chance. There will be an added benefit if you make a group and pair them, as they can interact more and talk and listen also.

Having Positive Feedback is Equally Important. 

Most of the time, it happens that teachers forget to acknowledge the students and mention the students who have performed well. Plus, teachers also focus on the negative aspects of students. This can have a great impact on the students, and the students can feel demoralised and bad. Though negative feedback can also help in the creation of positive impact by helping the students to improve, but giving positive feedback is also equally important, especially in the classroom Infront of other students.  Positive feedback also promotes enhanced communication. It has been shown that pupils who have received positive feedback and praise are more likely to know that they can complete a task successfully if they believe it. Other benefits are that it can help to create confidence in students and develop a good rapport and environment.





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