How to Choose an Essay Writing Service


Some students are often overwhelmed when tasked with choosing a quality essay writing service because the market is saturated with low-quality service providers, scammers, and artificial intelligence (AI) models writing nonsensical, poor-quality essays. Still, professional, high-quality essay writing services like Unemployed Professors are here to help and provide high-quality, original, creative, and plagiarism-free content. Students, the general public, and business professionals benefit greatly from using Unemployed Professors’ professional essay writing services because Unemployed Professors delivers quality work, not only written by humans but also by academic writers, many of whom are still working in academia by teaching and/or consulting. Unemployed professors’ services save time, give a helping hand in times of crisis and changing life circumstances, and, in general, provide high-quality, well-research, and well-structured essays and other writing content.

Characteristics of the Best Essay Writing Services

Quality essay writing services have typically been on the market for many years, and their longevity is a testimony to their business success. Unemployed Professors has been providing quality essays since 2008 and not many companies can say the same. Low turnover rate and writers who have been with the company for years also indicate that this essay writing service follows the best business practices.

Best essay writing services are also open about their clients’ feedback, which helps the writers to constantly improve the quality of their work.

Price is another important characteristic because it reflects what writing talent the company attracts and the quality of the end product the clients receive. Cheap essays are most likely written by essay mills located overseas, or worse, by AI models, like GPT-3.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Essay Service

  1. How long the company has been in existence? The Unemployed Professors has been on the market since 2008.
  2. Is my essay written by a human? There is currently an explosion of writing AI models like GPT-3, but the essays they provide are easily identified by using adversarial models. AI models also lack structure, cannot properly develop a coherent argument, and cannot organize the writing in paragraphs that flow easily and are connected. Unemployed Professors uses human writers and never substitutes them for automatic models like GPT-3.
  3. Stay away from cheap, low-quality essay writing services.
  4. Writers’ qualifications. The best-quality essay writing services can only be provided by professionals who have the experience in academia. Unemployed Professors only hires former/current academics who are vetted and whose credentials are checked. All of its writers are from Canada, the U.S., or the European Union.
  5. Giving client a choice. Clients using Unemployed professors’ essay writing services can select a specific writer for their project based on that writer’s qualifications and areas of expertise.
  6. A wide range of writers specializing in different disciplines. Unemployed Professors has a number of writers who specialize in specific areas, so the clients can select the writer who is the most appropriate for their project. Unemployed Professors also has writers who can help even with most complicated statistical projects.
  7. Communication with the writer. Unemployed Professors has a very effective messaging system through which the clients keep in contact with their writers, ask questions, provide clarifications, and much more.
  8. Flexible turnover times. Clients using Unemployed professors’ essay writing services can select the turnover time, and their essays can be written in a matter of hours, if needed.
  9. Allowing the client to select the level of writing. Unemployed professors’ essay writers are very versatile, but a high school student might not need PhD-quality writing. Hence, the client can select the level of writing (gold, platinum, diamond) that is needed for their specific project.
  10. Quality user interface. Unemployed professors’ client portal has an easy-to-use and highly effective user interface. Clients can monitor how their project is progressing, communicate with their writer directly, and upload and download materials easily.

Is Using Essay Services Legal and Safe?

Utilizing essay writing services is perfectly legal. Unemployed Professors provides clients with writing materials that save time for research, looking up citations, building structure, developing arguments, formatting, and helping with statistical analysis. Unemployed Professors has a strict confidentiality policy and therefore using its essay writing services is very safe. 


If you are looking for quality essays, research reports, dissertation chapters, or other writing materials or statistical analysis, Unemployed Professors is here to help. Our company uses versatile, highly-qualified writers who are familiar with academia and its writing requirements and expectations. Our writers can handle any project, starting with a blog post or a high school essay up to the most sophisticated PhD chapters or complicated statistical analysis. Give Unemployed Professors a try and you will be impressed.

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