Thinking of Learning a New Language? Here’s All You Need to Know about Language Course Prices


There’s a ton of demand for language schools all around the world. Thanks to globalization, it has become increasingly important for jobseekers and business owners to learn new languages to help expand their opportunities and connect with more people. With this, and the fact that learning a language is a long, arduous, but sometimes fun journey, it is of no surprise that it can be pricey. In Singapore, one of your best options is the Lingo School of Knowledge, which has served many Singaporeans and residents their language learning needs at a fair price.

There are many ways and options to learn a language. And what works for someone may not necessarily be effective on you. This is why it is essential that if you are interested of learning a new language that you choose a way that best suits you, your time, and your wallet.

What are the different options available for language learners?

Learning a language in the current era is so, so much easier compared to before. Gone are the times when students would bring huge Mandarin-English dictionaries to class. Gone are the moments when a student has to prepare his/her own flashcards for studying the German vocabulary. Gone are the situations when you’ve lost your notebook somewhere and can’t get it back.

Right now, learning a new language can be done through multiple channels, such as:

  1. Language School

A decent, trusted language school in your area may be one of the best ways to be able to learn a new language. One of the advantages of a language school over other ways is that there is a strict curriculum and system one must follow for language learning. This will help drill discipline into those who are often distracted and guide them slowly to a learning the new language. 

Another advantage of language school is that you can build relationships with other students and help each other with your new journey. It is a common sight to see language students sitting together on cafes and workspaces to study and practice their new language skills.

Of course, there is the fact that you’re attending a school, which can take a decent chunk of your free time – not including the time it takes to get ready and travel. It is important that you choose a language school that’s near you, whether it’s to your home or to your workplace to help lessen the time you spend traveling.

Language schools, however, can be a hit or miss. Every teacher has his/her own teaching styles and can give different results. If you already know the names of the teachers at a particular language school, try to ask students about their teaching styles so that you have an idea.

Compared to other language learning options, a language school will be a bit pricier. Depending on the language, a full 12-week course to get basic knowledge of that language can cost you around $250 to $500.

  1. One-to-One Tutoring

If going to school and being in a group doesn’t appeal to you, another option is by finding a private language tutor through classified ads, online listings, or word of mouth. Compared to a language school, a private lesson with a tutor may be more effective since the course content and lessons can be modified to suit your needs.

Learning times may also be more flexible compared to a language school as you can set a period that suits you and your tutor best. Although it can be difficult to find a private language tutor, the benefits of having one may be worth it. If you can’t find someone in your area, you can always look for online tutors instead and connect with them through a platform like Zoom.

Private language lessons may be much more expensive in the long run than language classes though, and tutors usually charge per session instead of for the whole course. Private sessions with a language tutor can cost around $50 to $150 depending on the length of the session and the quality of the tutor.

  1. Language Learning Software

If you’re looking for a relatively cheaper option, then there is also the option of purchasing a language learning software or app. Some of the most popular software include Rosetta Stone, Lingoda and Duolingo, each with their own set of features. A quick Google search should lead you to a comparison of these software and you can decide based on that.

The advantage of language learning software is that you can learn a language right at the palm of your hands. With just your phone or your laptop, you can begin learning the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of a language without the hassle of having to travel to a school or look for a tutor.

Of course, if you want to practice your proficiency of a particular language, talking to software cannot replace the experience of talking to a native speaker of that language. However, some apps have added features that can connect you with other students to allow you to practice with a real, live human.

The cost of using a language learning software can vary, with some apps offering a one-time fee whilst others offer a subscription service. There are also apps that offer their services for free in exchange of them displaying ads or by letting you do some transcription services after you’ve become proficient on a certain language.

  1. Language LearningBook

If you’re tight on a budget, you can always opt to purchase a good language learning book to help you learn and understand the most basic words and phrases. Of course, there are also books that can take you to a better proficiency of the language, as long as you have the discipline to find time to study. 

A good language learning book, some discipline, and a friend to talk to can be all you need to become proficient in a language. Find a book that has good reviews from learners and you’re all set. A beginner language book will cost you just around $20 to $40 while a full set of books can run up to $100 or more.


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