Vastu Tips: Objects That Might Attract Negative Energies In Your Home


In today’s world, almost every Indian believes in Vastu, and they build or buy their properties keeping in mind all the Vastu tips so that only positive energies get attracted to their home.

Vastu can play a significant role in a person’s life. If appropriately followed, it can bring prosperity and happiness, and if not followed correctly, it can attract negative energies. Not only health and wealth, but Vastu can also have sound effects on career, lifestyle, love life, and other essential aspects of a person’s life. Vastu can help maintain mental harmony and keep building peace among all the family members.

Vastu provides different tips for different sections of your home, and you should always take advice from an astrologer or an astrology app if you want to know some good Vastu tips. Hence, today we have got updates about some objects that should not be present in your home as these objects can attract negative energies to your house. Below is the list of the things that should not be present in your home.

  1. Broken Objects Or Utensils

In many homes, broken glasses, mirrors, slightly broken or chipped crockery, trays, chipped mirrors, broken bulbs or lamps, and many other similar things are present. We want to tell you that these types of things bring a feeling of sadness or hopelessness to home. Also, this might attract negative energies to your home, having an adverse effect on your health and wealth.

So, ensure that none of your accessories, mirrors, or lamps have any cracks, or your sheets should not have any stains. Still, if anything gets broken or chipped, get it repaired immediately or throw it in the bin. Keeping it in your home for even a short period might bring bad luck.

  1. Negative Artworks

If your home has any negative artwork, such as an image of a child crying, a setting sun, a shipwreck, an attack on humans or animals, world war images, or anything similar to this, then such negative artworks can create a space for pain and sorrow at your home. Whenever you look at these images, a feeling of sadness will occur in your mind, creating a hostile atmosphere in the house.

Also, if you have any water-centric artwork, such as a picture of a waterfall, rain, fountain, aquarium, ocean, or anything similar in your bedroom, it will bring financial issues to your home. This is because it is considered that water is an unstable element, and it creates a similar unstable atmosphere in the house. So, always ensure that no negative artwork is present on any wall of your home.

  1. Torn Clothing

Torn outfits, worn-out clothes and quills, and blankets with patchwork or any similar item to these will act as an attractor to negative energies in your home. These torn clothes can bring negativity to your life by creating an issue in your love life. Also, torn shoes or footwear that are not in the condition to wear should not be in your house.

After every 2-3 months, you run a check through your cupboard, and you should remove all such torn clothes or footwear. You should believe that my astrologer has shared all the proper details with me. Also, the clothing that is not in use anymore should be given for recycling or thrown away as it will take all the negativity with itself, and also positive energies will stay in the house.

  1. Dead Animals

Things or showpieces like tiger or panther skin, shells, ivory, snails, or any other similar item that represents dead animals or the death of any living being should not be kept in your home. It attracts negative energies and creates an atmosphere of sadness and frustration in the people living in houses.

So, ensure that no unnatural things are kept at your home. Also, it is the same reason it is advised that bonsai should not be held in the houses as they cannot grow to their full potential in a home.

  1. Dried Or Artificial Flowers

Nature is always a symbol of happiness and prosperity; hence, you should keep a few things in mind before keeping any such items in your home. Nature brings joy, but dried, dead, or artificial flowers perform the opposite.

Such flowers bring negativity to the house, especially the dried flowers that bring bad luck. Also, if you are offering flowers to anyone, ensure they are not dried or artificial, as this can have a harmful effect on your relationship with that person.

So, these are some of the objects that should not be present in your home. Now, it’s your duty to give your home a complete check and ensure that no such object is present in your house. You can even use astrology apps to know more about such objects.

Meta Des: Are you a person who loves to keep showpieces in your home? But are they good for the Vastu of your home or not? You should definitely know about the objects that are not good according to Vastu and might bring negativity to your home.

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