What is an SPT or Sterile Processing Technician?


Since the start of the global pandemic, the demand for Sterile processing technicians has significantly increased since their role in the medical field is very important. They are the people responsible for keeping the doctors and patients safe. Because of the significant demand, people who are qualified for SPT programs are encouraged to try the said profession. This article includes general information about the Sterile Processing Technician job to help people know more about it. 

What is an SPT?

Sterile processing technicians or Central service technicians support various patient care service areas in a health care facility. They are responsible for disinfecting, cleaning, and storing medical equipment. This helps to prevent infections. Sterile processing technicians can also be tasked for distributing surgical instruments and supplies. These positions are generally located in hospitals, but there is room for growth in ambulatory surgical centres and nursing homes.

How to be an SPT?

The Sterile processing technician (SP) role requires 80% hands-on experience in a hospital setting. Upon completion of a program of study, students may sit for a Central supply technician certification exam, or  the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST), administered by the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association. Passing the exam results in provisional certification. However, students must complete at least 400 hours of hands-on experience within six months of passing the exam. Documentation of these hours must be submitted to the HSPA.

To become a certified central service technician, students must complete an apprenticeship at a healthcare facility. To get a job as a CRS, students must complete an eight-month hands-on program at a certified training institute. A certificate from the program can qualify students to apply for a job in any state in the US.

Do you want to be a Sterile processing technician?

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