A Change Of Approach Required To Crack The JEE



If you are planning to join the IIT you should start with your preparations well in advance. You cannot make random efforts and hope to cut through the competition that prevails in this segment. Several lakh students appear for the JEE but only a few thousand seats are available across the country. So if you want to get into the IIT then you must outsmart all those several lakh students who are equally aggressive in their approach with their efforts. 

If you talk to those who have successfully cracked the JEE, they will give you a very important insight and that is the need for a change in your approach when you are preparing for the exams. You cannot possibly get good scores with the same approach that you used for your board exams. Here you should first try to increase your knowledge in each subject. Instead of trying to go by the question-and-answer approach, you must invest a lot of time in understanding the subjects and the concepts fully. If you have not already joined a coaching academy for JEE advanced in Thane, then you must join one such coaching academy immediately without any further ado. Every single day that you delay will only put you behind the competition and make it increasingly difficult day by day. you must not therefore delay any further. 

The reason why we are insisting that you must join a coaching institute at the earliest possible is because only then you will be able to achieve your goals fast. you will be given the right approach, an approach that will actually work for JEE. The experienced faculties who offer classes for JEE in Navi Mumbai will be able to support your preparation efforts. They will have a vast experiencing helping students in the previous batches. They will be able to help you too to achieve your goals. 

All the questions in the JEE will be in the form of MCQ or multiple choice questions. To crack the answers, you need to have exceptional problem solving skills and you must also be thorough with the concepts that you are studying. A superficial knowledge or a good memory power alone will not help you get the required results. You must not therefore make any such mistakes in this area. 

If you are planning to start the preparations just three months before the JEE or if you are planning to start the preparations after your Class XII exams, then you will certainly not be able to get through this exam or get into the IIT. You must start immediately after your Class X exams. Have a detailed timetable for the entire preparation process and try to stick to that timetable. It is easy to make a timetable but not everyone follows the timetable. Therefore, you must not make the same mistake that everyone makes. Regularly assess you progress and ensure that you are not deviating from the timetable.


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