Online vs On-Campus: Which MBA Program Should You Choose?


MBA is a postgraduate degree that can help you accelerate your career. The MBA’s full form is Master of Business Administration, and it focuses on various aspects of business, such as human resource management, entrepreneurship, marketing, digital marketing, etc. With an MBA degree, you can get better job opportunities and a handsome salary package.

The pandemic has propelled most of the B-schools in India and the world to provide MBA programs online. Although online MBA programs have been around for some time now, and some of the leading higher education providers did provide online MBA options, some B-schools did not have the option for an online MBA. With the online education sector on the rise, there has been a rising demand from students for online MBA options.

In recent years, there has been a debate on the difference between an online MBA and a regular MBA. Some of the popular B-schools in the country, like Amity University and Jain University, have come up with the option of an online MBA course. 

If you are planning to pursue an MBA and are confused between an online MBA vs MBA, here are the details that will help you. 

Factors That Can Help You Between Online MBA vs Regular MBA

Some of the factors that can help you decide between an online MBA vs in person MBA include:

  • Location of the B-school

The location of the B-school is one of the top factors when it comes to deciding between an online MBA vs regular MBA. If you stay close to a business school, you can attend the classes in person, but if you stay far from it, you will need to move to where it is located. But, if you choose an online MBA course, you will not have to move as you will be able to attend the classes from anywhere. This can be an advantage if you have family obligations that may not allow you to move away from home. 

  • Cost of education

When it comes to the difference between an online MBA and a regular MBA, one of the main determinants is the cost you need to pay. The cost of a traditional MBA can be higher than an online MBA as you need to go to the place of study and pay for transportation and other expenses. Also, the fee for a regular MBA can be higher than an online MBA. So, you can choose the right option as per your affordability.

  • Culture

For some students meeting new people, networking, and experiencing a new environment might be something on their B-school checklist. This is an important point because in an online MBA, meeting people regularly might not be an option. Also, some universities might send students to another place on a student exchange program which will help them meet new people. Thus, if meeting people, networking, and making new memories are higher up on your MBA  school checklist, then the traditional MBA might be suitable for you. 

  • Return on investment

One of the top things that anyone who does an MBA considers is the return on investment. You should ask yourself basic questions like, is the course worth the money I am paying for it? Is it worth the time and effort that I am spending on it? Anyone who pursues an MBA wishes to gain a lucrative career after they pass. Therefore, ask yourself these questions and then make your choice.

Difference Between an Online MBA and a Regular MBA

If you are still confused between an online MBA vs in person MBA, here are the basic differences that you can consider:

Features Traditional MBA Online MBA
Study-Life Balance The study-life balance might not be great because you need to attend physical classes. The study-life balance might be better.
Cost This is costlier than an online MBA. This might be more affordable than a traditional MBA.
Geographical Limitations There are geographical limitations as you need to be in college.  There are no geographical limitations, as you can study from anywhere. 
Networking You will have the opportunity to network with people nationally and internationally.  The opportunity to network is lesser. 
Study Material The study material can be difficult to source.  The study material can be sourced with ease. 
Class Schedule The schedule of classes is fixed.  The schedule of the classes can be fixed or variable. 


Both the online MBA and regular MBA have their own disadvantages and advantages. With an online MBA, you can study from anywhere, yet you have fewer in-person networking opportunities. Whereas with a traditional MBA, you have better opportunities to interact with your peers and teachers. If you are looking to pursue an MBA degree, you can opt for a leading higher studies provider like Sunstone. They have a pan-India presence with the benefits of Sunstone available at over 50 campuses. You will also get 100% placement support, and they have a network of over 1000 recruiters. 

People Also Ask

  • Is an online MBA degree worth it?

These days recruiters are accepting candidates who have an online MBA from one of the reputed colleges in India. The difference between an online MBA and a regular MBA is diminishing. Therefore, if you pursue an MBA from one of the best B-schools in the country, then the degree will be totally worth it.

  • Which is the better option out of, Offline vs Online MBA?

Both these types of MBA have their own benefits and drawbacks. With an online MBA, you can study from anywhere, but you might not have too many opportunities to network with your instructors and your peers. With an offline MBA, you can study from the B-school, which will improve your chances of networking, and you will meet people from different walks of life. Thus, you can choose the right option as per your own needs. 

  • What is an online MBA?

An online MBA is a postgraduate program in which the medium of study is online. You do not have to attend classes physically, and you can study from anywhere. Some of the reputed colleges in India offer an online MBA degree. So you can choose the right B-school according to your own requirements. 

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