Asian American Admits to Elite Universities


For many students, preparing for college applications can be perceived as an essential step towards success in education. Searching for Harvard acceptance rate and other top universities online is just the tip of the iceberg for college admissions. 

There are many things students need to consider when applying for college, such as their personal goals and choosing the course they wish to study. Students should also consider the application requirements aside from the Stanford acceptance rate and other elite universities where they want to apply.

Due to the high number of applicants, there is intense competition for admissions at elite universities. Asian Americans face discrimination and fierce competition to get universities where they wish to study.

AdmissionSight published a report on the admissions of Asian Americans to elite universities. The most significant finding is that Asian Americans take up fewer seats in selected elite universities. Despite their academic achievements in GPA and SAT scores, Asian Americans account for only around 20% to 25% of the elite universities’ total student body.

Meanwhile, around 814 Cornell University students are Asian Americans, which is 32% of the total student body. It is the highest number of Asian Americans admitted to college at an elite university.

In Asian cultures, education is highly valued. Many Asian American students do well in challenging classroom exams. Asian Americans who do well academically are less likely to be admitted to top universities. At times, they are subject to intense scrutiny and can be penalized with what Harvard calls a “low personality score” amid the process of college applications.

To navigate the fierce and competitive atmosphere of admissions to elite universities, Asian Americans not only need to score higher on the SAT exams. They also need to gain national recognition for extracurricular activities under their belt.

To learn more about Asian Americans’ admissions to elite universities, here is an infographic from Admissionsight.

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