Best Jobs For Women Only In South Korea


Rapid economic growth in South Korea has brought about some shocking shifts in the country’s traditional social structure, such as the emergence of “host bars,” where affluent men spend several thousand dollars for the companionship of other women. Sometimes costing thousands of pounds a night, “host bars” are all-night drinking establishments that give men the option to choose and pay for female partners. The only intention of patrons who drink with bar hosts in regular establishments is to engage in a one-night stand. The customer can only have fun in this bubblealba tonight.

What is a host bar with women employees?

The guys inside estimate that about half of the customers are interested in paying for sex, switched on or off the premises, but even appear content to touch as well as flirt with their host even though that would be against the law.

Why do female hostesses have demand in this job?

The hostesses’ need to unwind after work drove the early demand for all-male staff host bars. These hostesses urge us to perform the identical tasks that they were required to perform at their own place of employment.

  • These girls are compelled to perform tasks for money that they do not want to. Even though they no longer make up the majority of customers at host bars, up to 40% of customers on any given night come from other backgrounds.
  • The swift economic growth of South Korea is one of the factors contributing to its increasing appeal.
  • Many Korean males have experienced loneliness as a result of their long workdays, and many others feel cut off from the nation due to its technological advancements.

Distinguish between female jobs in a normal bar and with a host bar?

Men are tactile beings who enjoy both the sense of sight and touch. Men enjoy listening and conversing. For that reason, you must consider establishing a bar akin to this one—a host bar by bubblealba.

  • One important distinction between bars and conventional host bars is that there is a no-touching policy.
  • Customers and hosts take turns sitting at the table; there is no room for physical contact, and definitely no room for sexual activity.
  • This may contribute to the lack of secrecy among those who work or patronize the establishment because of the dim lighting, dark red décor, and discrete booths that separate the open area into areas occupied by hosts and customers separated by huge tables.

Mal clients claim that they come there daily to talk about problems at work with their favourite host. These new bars raise issues of Korean culture that have become harder to ignore by giving men a “respectable” means of questioning gender norms and exercising their economic power.

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