Building blocks help build skills

Building blocks

Blocks are a great toy for kids and are especially stimulating and entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers who are eager to learn more about their environment. They may not seem too exciting but there are blocks and stackers toys on the market today that are wonderfully creative. The blocks are generally fun, the joy of building and stacking is clearly visible, but your little ones are learning a lot too. The benefits of playing with blocks include the development of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the development of fine and motor skills. Building blocks are not only beneficial for your children’s development, but they also aid in mental, physical and social growth.

Bricks are a classic gift that gives kids plenty of room to improve their critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and more. Children’s blocks are building toys that challenge children’s thinking, as well as allowing them to have fun both alone and collectively. Bricks have always been a favourite pastime for kids but some early childhood building block benefits may surprise you.

Shape Recognition

One of the most obvious benefits of building blocks for kids is learning about their shapes. Baby blocks can improve shape recognition with your kids. Finding out how often circles, squares and triangles are found in our daily lives makes them relevant for kids. Blocks can spark your child’s imagination with colours to help kids learn about shapes with endless build options!

Improves Functional Skills

The benefits of building blocks also extend to motor development. Fine motor skills include important movements such as grasping, reaching and moving, enabling children to perform basic daily activities. Playing with blocks can strengthen fingers and hands and develop hand-eye coordination. Children can move the toy blocks freely as they are different pieces, allowing them to mix and match them over and over again.

Improves Concentration

If children can’t concentrate, it’s hard for them to develop good communication skills. One of the great benefits of stacking blocks for toddlers is developing attention. For children to interact meaningfully with others, it is necessary to develop good concentration skills early on. Building blocks for kids are a great way to improve concentration levels and cognitive thinking. The development of spatial awareness is a big advantage for the smallest blocks.

Improves Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness requires knowledge of shapes, space, places, directions, and movement. This is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed before children can understand how other objects work. Just sitting and playing with blocks with your little one introduces the concept naturally. Puzzles are also a great activity to introduce them to this skill. Read our post on the benefits of puzzles to learn more.

Just because kids are small doesn’t mean they don’t have big ideas! Bricks are often among the first toys for preschoolers, but their impact can last a lifetime. So much so, that blocks for young adults (and even adults) are available these days from good toy retailers.

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