Hiring a Professional Book Binder


When you have a book that needs to be re-bound, you may want to hire a bookbinder. These professionals are skilled at matching the binding material to your book, whether it is complementary or substantially similar. This process also preserves most of the original book material. The spine label can also be removed from the original spine strip and attached to the new spine.

When choosing a bookbinder, you should look for one with excellent references. Some professional binders may also have a portfolio or showcase a work they are particularly proud of. These professionals must have fine motor skills, artistic design, and a keen eye for detail. They can also translate a book designer’s vision into a beautiful book. They also meet with designers to understand the final specifications. In addition, they will also carefully stitch endpapers to the body of the book. 

Binding Law Books

Bookbinding is a skilled craft, and hiring a bookbinder for your law books will ensure that your volumes are bound to the highest quality. In addition to offering high-quality craftsmanship, bookbinders will provide you with references from satisfied clients. The best way to find a professional binder in your area is to consult your local independent bookseller.

How to Custom Bind a Book

There are several ways to custom bind a book. Some are simple, while others are more complicated. Some books are stapled, while others are bound with tape or ribbon. Whatever binding method you choose, choose the right one for your book. A book that contains many signatures may require multiple layers of tape or reinforcement.

To start, you will need a stiff piece of card for the book cover. Ideally, the bound edge should align with one straight edge of the card. You will then need to draw a line around the paper. Once you have outlined the book, trace the edges around the remaining three edges. You can use a corrugated card or thin foam core, but a stiff card will be the best option. If you look for premade book covers make sure its hard so that its easy to bind the book

Next, you will need a thin piece of cardboard for the spine and two pieces of cardboard for the front and back covers. The spine should be about the same as the front and back covers. You will need to measure the length and width of these pieces. You will need to cut them to the exact size, as well. Once you have the right size, you can begin to apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the back cover and inside of the front page.

Are you thinking of how to custom bind a book or looking for the right service provider to help you with your law bookbinding? Explore your options with the best professionals in bookbinding as you visit Art Bookbinders of America today!


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