Know Every Single Step about How to Sell on Lazada Singapore



Lazada, being one of the leading e-commerce stages within the locale, offers a tremendous client base and a user-friendly interface for dealers. 

Here is A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell on Lazada Singapore:  

Enroll as a Dealer 

1. Visit the Lazada: 

Go to the Lazada official site for Singapore and press the “Become a Seller” or “Offer on Lazada” button. 

2. Select Your Vender Sort: 

You will be able to choose to enlist as a personal dealer or a corporate vendor, depending on your trade structure. 

3. Fill within the Enrolment Frame: 

Give all the necessary details such as your trade title, mail, and phone number, and make a watchword. 

4. Submit Fundamental Archives: 

Depending on your dealer sort, you will have to yield records like your commerce enlistment certificate, bank account subtle elements, and distinguishing proof for confirmation.  

Complete Your Vendor Profile 

1. Log in to Dealer Center: 

Once your account is confirmed, log in to your Dealer Center dashboard. 

2. Complete Your Profile: 

Fill in your store title, portrayal, symbol, and other subtle elements to total your profile. A total and appealing profile can draw in more clients.  

List Your Items 

1. Go to the ‘Products’ Tab:

Within the Dealer Center, explore the ‘Products’ tab and select ‘Add Products’. 

2. Select Your Posting Strategy: 

You will be able to list items independently or in bulk. Lazada gives layouts for bulk transfers. 

3. Give Item Points of Interest: 

Enter all essential item data, counting title, depiction, cost, stock, and high-quality pictures. Be beyond any doubt to take after Lazada’s rules for postings. 

4. Submit for Endorsement: 

Once you have included your items, yield them for endorsement. Lazada will survey your postings sometime soon after they go live. 

Oversee Your Store 

1. Screen Your Orders: 

Utilize the Vendor Center to keep track of your orders. Instantly handle and fulfill orders to preserve tall client fulfilment. 

2. Lock in with Clients: 

Respond to client requests and audits to construct great notoriety and energize rehash commerce. 

3. Utilize Advancements and Campaigns: 

Take an interest in Lazada’s special campaigns or make you possess rebates and bundles to draw in more clients.  

Optimize Your Deals 

1. Analyze Your Execution: 

Utilize Lazada’s analytics tools within the Dealer Center to get it your deals, client behavior, and item execution. 

2. Alter Your Technique: 

Based on your analytics, alter your item postings, estimating, and showcasing procedures to progress your deals.  

Grow Your Reach 

1. Lazada Supported Arrangements: 

Consider utilizing Lazada’s supported arrangements to extend your products’ perceivability. 

2. Social Media and Showcasing: 

Advance your Lazada store on social media and other showcasing channels to drive more activity to your postings.  

Remain Overhauled 

1. Take after Lazada’s Rules

Routinely check for any upgrades in Lazada’s approaches and rules to guarantee your store remains compliant.

2. Take an interest in Training: 

Lazada offers training and workshops for vendors. Take an interest in these to remain educated almost best hones and modern highlights. 


Selling Lazada Singapore requires commitment and a key approach. You can also partner with Heysara for any kind of help. By taking these steps and ceaselessly optimizing your store, you will increment your chances of victory on this popular e-commerce stage.

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