How to support healthy development of brain child?


Child mental health affects the way they think, feel and act. Taking care of mental healthis important to take care of the healthy body. Parents and teachers play important role in the development of the mental health of a child. First three years of children’s life are critical for learning and development.

Help children building strong caring relationships:

Every children and youth to have a strong relationship with family and friends’ children and parents spend their time together at each night in dining table. Children’s have this problem like learning disability, anxiety, depression, eating disorder. Nursery class admission will make every child to be positive to overcome the problem. Teachers will teach how to solve the problems of the child.


Children play daily makes brain development. Primus pre-nursery programme admission will increase the enthusiasm to learn new things .it will foster the activity like ability to grasp new things fastly. When children play with friends gives you a competitive spirit to win the game and make the child to perform better in every activity.First three years of children life is to play different games to make the mental health stronger. Give different toys to the children. Teachers should teach how to handle those toys, how to play the games, how to puzzle solving.


Babies when they are studying feel stress. Parents and teachers should pamper the child to learn the activities easily. Children can learn new things. Physical activity methods will help children to grasp faster. Practical knowledge of learning will help the child to perform better in the studies.


Basic activity of the children is to learn.In Euro kids’ study is the first priority. Coming to learning children learning ability development and the hearing the words and seeing the pictures that should connect to the child’s mind. Repeating will make the brain stronger. Children should revise the same book it makes recognition between the words they speak and images on the page. Nursery school plays an important rolehelp to develop the brain child and encourage the development of the child.

Listen and respect their feelings:

If you see your child feel sad or angry. Find the reason why they are angry and sad. Ask about why they are so sad, keep communication with your child. Get answer from them. if you can solve the problem make solve it. If not try to convince your child to understand the problem make it solve.If you are not able to support your child did not feel comfortable talking to you.Find someone to talk. None not taking responsible for the child’s problem, Children will feel depressed and get anxiety. Now a days children needs private space.

The Bottom Line:

Euro kids play a vital role in development of children’s brain. The activity involving with their children community will develop the cognitive knowledge of the child. It’s important to develop the cognitive knowledge. Involvement of parents in joining good nursery school is such needed one.

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