Why PSLE Math Tuition Is In Demand


Why do so many parents choose me over other private tutors? The answer lies in the results. I’ve helped almost 200 students score distinctions in their PSLE maths, and over 87% of my students continue to score As or Bs at O-levels. That’s why I get about 1 email every day from parents not just looking for me, but also asking how they can get their child into my PSLE Maths tuition centre too!

What I’ve found to be the most important factors that determine the student’s ability to score distinctions or an A in mathematics are:

  1. Approach towards learning – students who learn with a positive attitude tend to enjoy their studies and do better at examinations, which results in higher PSLE scores.
  1. Composure when facing difficult questions – you can have all the facts with you but if you panic under pressure, it affects your judgment of which facts are significant for solving problems.
  1. Strong foundation qualifications in PSLE Mathematics before entering secondary school – this ensures students are better prepared to tackle the tougher syllabus of secondary school.
  1. The ability to perform under stress – how does one fare in examinations?
  1. A strong urge to perform well academically – some parents are so concerned with their child’s PSLE scores, they forget to encourage them towards other areas that give more fulfillment in life.
  1. The ability to accept responsibility for their own learning – there are many students who blindly follow what their parents tell them to do instead of taking some responsibility for their own learning.
  1. The amount of time devoted to homework – this is an important factor that has played a large role in my students’ success at PSLE.
  1. The support and guidance given by the parents – some students who receive a lot of support and encouragement from their parents tend to do well.

Above all, my students must be willing to do an honest introspection and ask themselves if they were the most important factor in the whole picture. If they believe so, then a premium tuition centre like The Science Academy can help them go far in their education journey.

Everyone in life must overcome hurdles and obstacles before they can truly be successful. It is not only in the results of examinations that we see the fruits of one’s labor. I have a student who is in the top class in his secondary school, but he failed all his PSLE math papers! He went through my tuition classes for about 1 year, and eventually managed to get Ds in his PSLE math. His parents were so disappointed. They blamed all their previous teachers for not being able to teach him well enough.

They took him out of the top school he was attending, thinking that perhaps this would also help him score better marks. After all, it makes no sense for someone who scored F9 to attend an elite secondary school! As expected, several months later when they visited me for the first time again after changing schools, they were even more disappointed because their son still didn’t improve and scored even lower than before on his tests. It wasn’t until we looked at why their son had failed so badly in the exams that we discovered why math tuition would be best suited to help him.

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