Terms of use of all you can books


This article is based on the all-important aspects and terms related to the ACYB (all-you-can books). All the given aspects in this article are must read and understood by you if you want to learn about the terms of use of ACYB. Let us explore more by following the aspects. 


All you can books run the website. The website content is copyrighted, reserved, and owned by the AYCB. 


The agreement on the company policy of AYCB gives that if you send creative suggestions, ideas, testimonials, notes, concepts, drawings, images, etc., by making the submissions, the sender gets permission automatically and guarantees that the owners of the material are also granted. 


The website of the software, services and products sold and offered by the all-you-can books and managed by it. Once you agree to the AYCB, then they have no control over the liability related to the content or website that is also included under the use. They also make the implied warranties on the regarded information of materials, websites, services, and software that are in the terms and accessible easily by the websites. 

Billing and Membership

They give the number of services and products that make the connection with the business. Concerning the services and products, you also have access to the 30 days unlimited view, read, and listen to the website. They also allow you to download audiobooks and eBooks on the site. 


Membership services are canceled according to the rules and regulations filled in the terms and aspects. You authorize the AYCB to charge on the debit, and the credit card offers to pay you on any previous charges that are agreed upon in the described terms of use. 


Once you are agreed with the AYCB, and at your sole discretion, you may get the termination of your account and restrictions on the use of software and products, and it results in the discarding and removal of your submitted accounts. 

In the sole and absolute discretion form, AYCB stops to offers services on the products without any notice. 

Privacy policy

ACB is possessed to protect privacy. They collect the details that are required in the order processing. 

File accurate information

If the debit and the credit card information are changed due to the same reasons, consisting the changing the billing address, changing the home address, loss of credit card, or the expiry of the debit and credit cards, you have to quickly inform all you can book by email. 


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