Why is the GRE Test So Important for Masters Abroad?



If you’re planning to do a master’s abroad, you might have thought about whether the GRE is important for admissions. Well, the answer is yes. Most universities abroad consider GRE scores as an admission requirement to their masters and doctoral programs. So, what skills does the GRE test? What are the eligibility criteria required to take this exam? What are the reasons why you should take the GRE exam? This article will provide you with all the information regarding GRE. 

The Purpose of GRE

You all know that doing a master’s course abroad is no easy task. From the course curriculum to the language in which the subjects are taught, everything might seem like a challenge, especially if you are an international student. Only passionate, hard-working students can survive the challenges during the course. This is where GRE comes into the picture.

  • The GRE exam prepares you to face all the challenges that you might encounter during a masters or a PHD program that you would take up. 
  • It assesses whether you have the knowledge and skills to take up such challenging programs. 
  • The GRE score is the tool that helps grad schools to compare you with other applicants. 
  • The GRE scores add value to your application.
  • It will give the schools an idea about how successful you’ll be as a student of their program.
  • The scores highlight the subject you are stronger at.

The GRE tests your skills in three areas — Verbal Reasoning (VR), Analytical Writing, Quantitative Reasoning (QR). Grad schools mostly consider your Quant or Verbal score during admissions. However, the weightage of the scores may vary based on the field of study. For eg; if you choose math-heavy fields, such as engineering or physics, your quant score will value the most, whereas, for arts subjects, the importance will be given for the verbal scores. Hence, whether you choose arts or science, it is important to be familiar with the GRE syllabus 2021 if you wish to practice and score well.

However, a GRE score is not the only factor that determines your eligibility for a course. Ultimately, the importance of GRE scores differs based on the programs you choose. 

GRE Eligibility Requirements

ETS, the administering body of the GRE, has not set any rules pertaining to eligibility. Anyone who wishes to pursue their grad studies abroad can take the GRE. Though there is no specific GRE exam eligibility, you must have valid ID proof to take the exam. This is to prove that your name and other details match with what you’ve filled in during the registration. 

Other factors such as age, academic grades, nationality, etc., will not prevent you from taking the GRE. However, having good grades and work experience can add a competitive edge to your overall profile and thus, impress the admission committee of universities. 

The importance of GRE exams depends on the course and university you choose. However, adding your GRE score to your application can definitely add value to your profile. Hence, make your decision wisely. Good luck!


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