Why pursue a Master’s degree in Urdu?

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The Urdu language’s historical influence and classic literature are admired across the world. Urdu, as it is recognized, is the world’s 21st most spoken first language, with around 86.5 million native speakers. This being said, one may estimate the wide job opportunities open to any applicant who wants to pursue Urdu as their vocation.

Aligarh Muslim University has launched online undergraduate and postgraduate programs to allow ‘independent learning’ to anybody, at any time and from any location. Six outstanding majors are available through the Master of Arts degree programme, one of which is Urdu.

Benefits of studying Urdu

  • Urdu is written from right to left, which improves your visual structure and sharpens your analytical ability.
  • Having a master in Urdu can help an individual get exposure to certain other languages such as Hindi, Persian, and Sanskrit.
  • Most Gulf nations, such as Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, provide significant career prospects for Urdu speakers.
  • Through Aligarh Muslim University’s tailored syllabus of the online master’s degree in Urdu, the learner is exposed to the rich history of Urdu, poetries, literature, Lisaniyat, Urdu Tahqeeq and much more.

Career scope of studying Urdu

Content Writer

A Content Writer is responsible for creating interesting and educational articles to assist firms in promoting their products. They write on a variety of topics and are responsible for producing the finest written or visual material possible, from blog articles to press releases.

Cryptologic Linguist

A vital part of Army intelligence, the cryptologic linguist reads foreign language publications, journals, radio broadcasts, and other sources.

Urdu Translator

An Urdu translator’s role is to translate from and into the Urdu language. These are broad scopes for Urdu translators in firms or enterprises, specifically in countries where Urdu is the predominant language.


Aspirants who pursue a career in education are qualified to teach the Urdu language in schools. They are even employed as professors at colleges and universities, as well as by Madrasas. Their knowledge spans Islamic history, civilization, and significance. They nurture the pupils and teach them the Urdu language.

Eligibility Criteria for MA in Urdu

B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/B.Th or an equivalent examination from any University or institute recognized by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

Master Of Arts in Urdu Online Degree from Aligarh Muslim University

The exceptionally tailored curriculum for MA in Urdu is the perfect fit for an aspirant who wants to choose Urdu as their vocation.

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